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Cuckolding as a lifestyle is growing among us. Every month the google searches for cuckold information continues to climb. Many husbands find it a huge turn on to watch thier wife have sex with another man - preferable one with a bigger cock than his! The wives love it too...although they are usually unsure at first about getting into it. If you'd like to learn more about the cuckold lifestyle visit the Cuckold Blog website....or try the pics/banners below:

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Cuckold Video

Cuckold Video

Cuckold Video

One of the main problems with finding cuckold information on the internet is that much of the time you search for a cuckold related subject, get lots of results with titles that actually say Cuckold, click on the link and then realize that it is NOT a cuckold site but just some mainstream porn site, using the term cuckold to get you to frustrating!! With this site I hope to provide content links to resources related to cuckold and cuckolding only. If you are looking for cuckold pics, cuckold movies and cuckold videos - videos of actual REAL couples into the cuckold lifestyle, then the best sites to try are: Cuckold Forum and Cuckold Chat

Many people just want to read about cuckold husbands and wives. If this is the case simply clicking on Cuckold Stories and Cuckold Couple will make your search alot easier. Cuckold stories make some of the best erotic stories and provide alot of sexual charge! Cuckold forums will allow you to make contact with others who are in the same boat as you are. Sharing your information will make your cuckolding a much more enjoyable experience.

Cuckold Wives Seeking Men Alone

There are Cuckold couples from all over the States.

What about actually getting involved? Do you want to watch your wife with another man? Want to watch someone fuck your wife? You a cuckold? Or .... are you someone who wants to be the other man? Setting this up used to be pretty difficult but with the advent of the internet couples and single men can hook up with anonymity and discretion while enjoying all the benefits of being a cuckold or a slut wife. The BEST way to do this is to join an adult personals website. Most are free to join and have search functions which allow you to see who in your area wants to cuckold, play cheat etc... My choice is Couples Finder simply because they have the most members of any adult personals site online. They do not specialize in cuckolding per say but because of thier sheer SIZE and number of members, finding a cuckold husband and wife or single man is a virtual guarantee.

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